Join me and my positively disruptive guests LIVE for five world changing conversations over five days!

Lets shake things up, do things differently, and evoke positive, impactful change.

Let’s challenge the status quo and "how things are done" so that more people everywhere may lead truly innovative, and fulfilling lives.

Day 1: Mastering our Masculine & Feminine

Day 2: Body Wisdom

Day 3: Communication, Storytelling & Language

Day 4: The Power of Playfulness

Day 5: Resilience

  • Discover how to release shame & grow self acceptance by connecting with your body.
  • Learn how to be more abundant without resorting to scarcity or icky tactics.
  • Discover how to develop resilience so that instead of trying (unsuccessfully) to eradicate life's challenges, you can navigate them with grace.
  • You'll get your specific questions answered!
  • Learn the power of language, and how we can use our words to empower.
  • Learn how to use your privilege to serve the greater good so that we can change the world in real, pragmatic ways.
  • Learn how to engage in intimacy more easily and more often.
  • Plus you'll get FREE gifts from our incredibly generous panelists!

The Positively Disruptive Symposium has ended.

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